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Here's what your cards have to say today…

The World card represents that feeling of a job well done. We are content and feel at home and comfortable anywhere in the world. This card usually comes up signifying the completion of a life era. A positive symbol, the World card indicates the ability to fulfill the hearts desire. It is time of feeling involved and connected with the world as a whole; it is now clear that we are all part of one universe.Enjoy the peace of mind and contentment that comes from a job well done.

All things in moderation and one day at a time . Balance, patience, tolerance, and security are associated with this card. Temperance is the card of health-both physical and mental. It promises healing and well being. When arguments and disputes occur, it reminds us to compromise and forgive.In the midst of transition, you may feel lost. Keep the faith and embrace the future.

The Moon rules the world of shadow and night. Enchanting, it causes us to dream but also to be deceived. Moonlight can cause the familiar to look new and different. As the ruler of the unconscious, the Moon card often refers to creativity and psychic abilities. On the positive side, the Moon can represent mothers, travelers, psychics, artists and star-crossed lovers. On the negative side, it can represent con men, liars, imposters and impractical dreamers. If you are wondering if someone is lying to you, this card indicates that they are.Summon your courage, learn to be independent and trust in yourself.
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