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Here's what your cards have to say today…

The Hierophant (or High Priest) represents the conventional and established ways of thinking and acting. Very stubborn, he likes to impress. He must always remember that though he searches for truth, he is not the truth. We develop our morals through our early training. The Heirophant represents platonic relationships. He is the teacher, priest, mentor, official or professional.The rules and conventions of culture and childhood are very much a part of your belief system. To deny this is to deny who you are. Embrace your traditions.

Suspended from one leg, the Hanged Man calmly contemplates the universe and focus on enlightenment. Mysterious and disturbing, he symbolizes the paradox that is existence. This card reveals that if we desire to move forward, we must stand still. The Hanged Man reminds us that the obvious answers are not always the correct ones. Real answers come when we open ourselves to a higher wisdom. You may feel like things are happening too fast. Try not to feel stressed or sorry for yourself; look for new opportunities and adapt yourself.

Death is not the end but the ultimate transformation. This card symbolizes necessary, profound and wonderful change. These changes should not be resisted. The death card instructs us to rid ourselves of old and useless attitudes, ideas, and situations. Get down to basics and focus on the truly important things in life. Look towards the future with faith not fear.An important phase in your life is at hand. Sweeping changes will occur.
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