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Here's what your cards have to say today…

This card is about the personal demons that confront us all: addiction; cruelty dependency; fear; greed; guilt; hopelessness; ignorance; materialism; obsession; pessimism; self-doubt; selfishness and more. The Devil card shows us that we are caught in an unhealthy situation. We all make errors and go down the wrong path at times. This card informs us that we must examine our situation and ourselves very carefully to separate the true from the false.The things you once held on to are now holding on to you--and holding you back. Donít let your life enslave you.

The Chariot represents the positive aspects of the ego; the charioteer knows what he wants and how to get it. Like Apollo driving his chariot across the sky, he must balance opposing forces to run a steady course. He has the strength, self-discipline and focus of a soldier as well as knowledge. He knows that life involves compromise. The Chariot card can at times be very literal and indicate travel or buying a car (or other means of transportation.)Rise above temptation and let nothing distract you from your goals. Things are on course. Continue to go with the flow.

Now, you will be successful in all of your undertakings. The Sun shines brightly--sure of its power without boasting. The source of light and energy in our solar system, the Sun makes life on earth possible. This card indicates good times and the feeling of being in the sun. Ambition, confidence, optimism, positive thinking and warmth are yours. This is a time of good health and success in new ventures.There will be much happiness in your future regardless of your present situation.
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