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Here's what your cards have to say today…

The Hermit is the embodiment of meditation, solitude, and self-knowledge. He withdraws from society in order to connect with the Source. Sensible, with wisdom from age, he searches for deeper truths. Self sufficient, he pays attention to details and plans things out. The Hermit card often indicates the need for space, patience and quiet.Withdraw from the world and rest and think about your situation carefully. Rest and prepare.

This card is about the personal demons that confront us all: addiction; cruelty dependency; fear; greed; guilt; hopelessness; ignorance; materialism; obsession; pessimism; self-doubt; selfishness and more. The Devil card shows us that we are caught in an unhealthy situation. We all make errors and go down the wrong path at times. This card informs us that we must examine our situation and ourselves very carefully to separate the true from the false.Success will be achieved only with moderation, organization, and self-discipline.

The Lovers card represents all that one would expect--love, friendship, marriage, sexuality, and the tree of life. The Lovers may also turn up at moral and ethical crossroads, representing major decisions, ordeals, duality, short trips and the road less taken. Their nakedness shows their freedom from ego and facade. Often times this card acts as a reminder to be true to oneself. New opportunities and relationships are steps away. Be true to your self throughout and all will work out fine.
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