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As the chill of winter thaws, nature sees to it that many animals begin their mating rituals. It is no different for human beings. The Spring Equinox signals the Sun's alignment with Earth's equator, but the planets are in different places each year. What this means is that every spring is unique in regards to opportunities and challenges each person is faced with. This is true in each facet of life, especially love. So read below for your zodiac sign's chances of love this spring.

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The feeling of knowing that a soulmate is near will dominate April and early May. When Mars, your ruling planet, enters your zodiac sign mid-month, lookout for sex appeal to make this a spring to remember. Perhaps you should look hard for the soulmate in April, because by late May, you will be inundated with offers from prospective partners.

You will be looking your best in early April, so make sure to make plans for later in the month then. Friday the 13th of April will be lucky for you, as that is the date that your ruling planet Venus moves into Gemini, always a signal of financial return. For a Taurus, money and love are often one in the same, so prepare to have the best of both worlds as the season warms up.

A popularity boost in mid-April could see you with numerous dating options. While it is not always easy for Gemini to stay focused, by the end of April, one new love interest will be standing out in the crowd. You might want to provide some undivided attention to this person. When Mercury enters Taurus on April 28 something sensual will erupt and it could last all spring long.

An eclipse occurring two days before the spring solstice was the universe's signal to you to start the season off anew. Look for something new and fantastic to come your way in the love department. You should be selective, as there is a range of quality in the possible partners that are about to enter your life. Hold out for someone who meets the highest standards: the standards set by your friends.

The chance for an early spring romance occurs when a member of a different generation flirts with you. You may have never considered skipping a decade before, but suddenly the opportunity is quite appealing. Do not get too attached, though, as tension between you two could make for a rocky May. If the relationship survives until June, this generational affair could be more than just a fling.

Get out of town in late April for a romance in early May. Your ruling planet Mercury wants to take a train, plane or automobile anywhere love might be. There is a chance you get lost along the way, but only because you are lost in the arms of a true passion partner. Try to get back home by June, as late spring challenges you to play it safe.

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Romance will have to wait for the perpetually partnered Libra. There are so many career opportunities happening this spring that love is almost an annoying distraction. For Libras with an existing relationship, you r ability to make a little attention go a long way with your spouse will help. For single Libras, the loneliness of life at the top will make this summer's lover to be all the more enjoyable.

An intense romance will start in early April. Scorpion staying power will be challenged in mid May when Mars, your ruling planet, goes into workaholic Aries. The chance to keep a lover happy and perform a job well done will challenge even the most intensely focused Scorpio. This is one spring that is best illustrated by imagining love as one of many balls you are juggling.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in your sign this spring. This means that there has not been a chance to be all of who you are in front of a prospective lover in the past twelve years. As winter thaws, your possibilities to find a committed lover will blossom. Make sure that in your enthusiasm, you are not too gullible. Sagittarian love of excess could cause hurt feelings before June.

While consistency is the guiding principle, Saturn (your ruling planet) moves forward on April 19 and this could lead to a hectic few months. A lover from the past could return and surprise you with what appear to be changed ways. While you have fond memories of what was, prod this person with tests to see if a true reformation has occurred. Like your ruling planet, you might have to just move on by the time summer arrives.

The passion you feel for an April relationship is real. You may feel that every love interest you had in the past was fake as you fall deeper in infatuation with this springtime lover. In late May, though, you might notice some tension between you to. A deal-breaker could arise before June turns into summer. Emphasize communication early in order to master the challenges to your love that are ahead.

That tough winter is over. As you regroup in early spring, new opportunities to meet people are all around. Friends who want to set you up on dates are your truest friends and you should honor their faith in your positive side. As tough as winter was, spring will be fantastic, as the reinvigoration that only romance can bring will find its way into your heart.

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