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Romance 101

No one needs to tell you about the hum drums of daily life, you um, live it. I know, there are not enough hours in the day to properly wash your clothes, how in the world are you going to take time to draw a bubble bath with floating rose petals? Easy, you'll learn to do it and keep it going once you get some payback from it, some incentive, some good lovin'.

Everything that goes unattended gets stale over time and relationships are no exception. Relationships can be complex; sometimes feeling like an octopus pulling and poking in all directions. It's time to tame the beast with some good 'ol simple, time tested romance techniques. Whether it's a new flame or an old spark, your love life is bound to heat up with the techniques and love guidance from professional love advisors that are eager to see you succeed in this area.

Romance, it's alive and kicking

  1. Keep it Fresh Try making out in a new place. Perhaps the woods, a walk on the beach, in the car.
  2. Keep it Clean Take a bath together or a shower. Make out in the laundry room or wash the car together.
  3. Relax. Give each other a massage by candlelight, or cuddle next to the fire for movie night.
  4. Pass the Sugar, Sugar. Bake a pie or cake together or as a surprise for your sweetie.
  5. Be Portable. Get out of a rut by getting out. Enjoy a surprise picnic dinner out in nature or even in your own backyard.
  6. Love notes. They go along way. Stash them in surprise places like a briefcase, or jacket pocket.
  7. Be Creative. Clean the house in a French maid outfit.
  8. Take Turns. Switch off planning special dates for each other. Every month, celebrate one night together.
  9. Be beginners. Pick a hobby, sport or skill you both don't know and learn it together.
  10. Be Spontanious. Don't underestimate the power of a dance in the living room, or in public places.
  11. Be Intelligual. Read aloud to each other from steamy classic fiction.

Put Romance back in your relationship
Remember, romance takes a little effort and inspiration. You can have fun as you become spontaneous and explore new ways to turn on your soulmate. Think adventure, novelty and excitement and you'll find delight in your own romantic nature. It's your life, so create the loving script that makes you and your partner happy and ask for the guidance of a professional love counselor when you need it.

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