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December and January are the coldest months of the year. Everyone wants to move a little closer and snuggle up during the long nights. Dating may not be as carefree as the summer, but the quality time spent in close contact during the winter can lead to a deeper soulmate-type relationship. The position of the planets will indicate how your love prospects are going to be over the next two months. If you know your zodiac sign, read below to find out if romance is waiting at a fireplace near you.

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There is a chance to get a romantic partnership jump-started with a short trip, perhaps over the holidays. Getting out to early December parties could yield a new, interesting partner. Things could warm up quickly once you two get out of town and get to know each other. If family plans are blocking a late December rendezvous, make a date for New Year's Eve together and look toward a blissful 2007 to begin for the two of you.

While winters cools down for most people, those born under the sign of the Bull will notice things getting a little hotter than usual. A single Taurus might have a December filled with rather forward advances from prospective partners. You would be wise to remain selective, as a January of passion with just the right one is almost guaranteed. Stay alone under the covers while you ponder who is the best fit.

The winter arrives along with some of the biggest dilemmas in love that you may have ever faced. Your ability to find the right path usually relies on the Gemini ability to compartmentalize but your emotions for a partner will be affecting your making a clean break. A good friend may have a better grasp of the early winter situation. But the Holidays are likely to change the script in this tale of wintertime romance that resembles a Hollywood blockbuster more than it does your ordinary life.

The stress of the coming Holidays might ordinarily make work more of a hectic environment, but an attractive coworker and you are sending signals back and forth to lighten the load. By the time January has arrived, you two may have rung in the New Year together, off the clock in a blissful state. Make sure you don't fall behind your winter workload with all of the staring and smiling you are doing at your desk.

Romance intensifies for the Lion, but it could get confusing, as the weather gets cold. Your chance to meet and mingle with a true soulmate will be challenged by some previous relationship commitments that you have made. Perhaps the person you are dating does not warm your heart in these times as much as you would like. The one out there who does might even stop by to say hello some time in early January, adding to the tension and the temptation.

You will be feeling safe and comfortable around the house this winter. You might be tempted to share that feeling with a close friend who is becoming more familiar every day. Look for December to be a proving ground for this new catch. You may not want to give in to your intense desire until you have seen how he or she behaves over the Holidays. Remember that January is colder than December; you want to leave cuddling to one you trust.

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Lift your spirits with a flirtatious holiday season. The eyes of the neighborhood are upon you. Making the rounds will let everyone know your status as a potential winter catch. Parties and social events are the key to finding a romantic encounter or two for your December and January date book. Remember that your outfits will be advertising just who you are, so don't attempt a quick-fix makeover and send the wrong signals when being yourself will reel in a true romantic catch.

A nice afternoon in early December will inspire your pursuit of that one special potential partner. You are entering the winter with a heightened focus. You know exactly what you want, but you might try to make sure that the person you want is truly the embodiment of what you seek. This winter would not be the first time you ascribed so much greatness to a person who later could not measure up to your standards. This could lead to a January of disappointment, but it can be avoided by discovering people for who they are

You will be having a warm winter, as your heart is made to feel wanted by a possible soulmate. December melts into sunny January as the light of love clears away the clouds, the snow and even the normal common sense that would get you through the season. Nobody can talk you out of love this winter, but you would be wise to avoid making any financial or permanent commitments with a new love until the real clouds have cleared and you two have made it to the spring.

The potential for love and romance looms large this winter. Your heart knows the full extent of what it could all mean, but you may be tentative in pursuing the most passionate part of a relationship. If you are not ready or are timid, that is fine, but if you have experience in this area, you should ask yourself if it is a lack of confidence that is making you cool to the thought of warming things up. If this one is not really the one, there is no reason to waste your winter on a fling, but if things look right, you might have to talk yourself into taking the big love leap.

If you have been involved with someone recently, watch the winter romance sparkle as you realize that this partner of yours is very well known. You could be meeting some high profile people through this one romantic encounter. Be careful to remain aloof enough that you are only seduced by the passion of this partner and not his or her glamorous lifestyle. After the high point of New Year's Eve, make sure that the time between you two in January, after the glitzy parties, is still filled with love and tenderness.

You are in demand this winter. There could be a fine catch or two interested in you and it might make for a chaotic December and January. If you try to juggle two loves, the winter will warm your heart, but there could be Valentine repercussions that will hurt everyone involved. Be true to your feelings and do not deeply pursue something you are not one hundred percent committed to. The second week of January will bring out every desire you ever had in pursuit of passion.

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