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With the weather heating up, your love life could be getting hot. The movement of the planets through the zodiac helps to push things into place, and your soulmate situation is one of those things. The Summer of 2006 will be an electric experience for members of some zodiac signs. For others, short and pleasant affairs will make things memorable. Before you get swept off your feet, check your sign's forecast below to see that what you call love is what the stars are going to deliver.

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June and July see your ruling planet, Mars, bringing romance right to your door. In fact, if you stay home and concentrate on familiar surroundings, a new love interest could appear. Perhaps an old acquaintance can set you up with something easy on the eyes. By August, you might notice that your schedule and rituals are all changing - that is when you will know whether this one is for real - you two are adapting to each other.

As the Summer starts out, you will be looking your best and may attract quite a bit of attention. You could have many invitations to 4th of July events. But all of the possible partners you meet seem to be from different worlds. There will be a clash between your values and the things that each of these dating dandies cares most about. In late July, your Venus ruler will help get the compatibility issues straightened out in time for an intense August fling.

This is one summer to go back over the past. With your Mercury ruler retrograde for most of July, you will likely be pursuing an old flame. Summer love could be a repeat performance, but with a twist. Suppose you were in eager pursuit the first time around. This summer, then, you will be pursued by this romance from the past. By August, you may be reminded of why it all ended once. Will it be mended? The passion may be too much to turn down.

This is a hectic summer for love, as those born under the sign of Cancer are already immersed in romance. 2006 is the year for the Crab to be swimming in the pleasures of passion, and the summer might not skip a beat, save to get you out of the house and into the sun. Look for an especially wild week August 7 - 13, as the effects of a powerful and deeply felt Full Moon take you out of your shell for good.

With all of the energy surrounding you in June and July, you might feel underappreciated by those with whom love energy seems obvious. This is a summer to play hard-to-get, as a number of people with their eyes on you will not want to make a true, deep effort to land you. By your birthday, you should have an idea of where love is headed and, having held out, you will be getting the best treatment imaginable from the one who worked hard to hold your hand.

Just as you are establishing a connection with a possible passion partner, July ushers in a chaotic stellar event. Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde, bringing up issues that get in the way of a true relationship. By the time the dust settles in early August, it could be too late. However, with the weather still warm and Mercury cruising through the zodiac more smoothly, love may find a way before September comes.

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As much passion as spring held, the summer may be a little more relaxed. You are in a routine and enjoying love. Cuddling is the norm in June and July, especially during any vacations you two may take. Summer romance gets a little rough in early August when you might be challenged to move to a new location. This could create the tension that comes with all big changes. But your relationship is quite solid and love is firm no matter how wild a summer it is in other areas of your life.

The pursuit of a career goal could push you into romantic chaos this summer, as your romance away from work starts to affect the big picture. You are consumed by a deep passion for success, but the desire that a partnership creates is also in your blood. By late July, you should find that a new schedule favors the balance of personal and professional goals. Work hard to keep your boss and your lover satisfied until then.

As love goes, this summer could be a little mellower than usual. Your ability to sweet talk a beautiful stranger will be challenged by the fact that you are getting bored with your own pick-up rituals. It may be time to go somewhere entirely new and look for love in a unique and different environment. The familiar terrain may be all picked over. If it is a soulmate you seek, you could discover something or someone truly wonderful between August 5 and 15th.

Late June and late August see the best chances for love this summer for the Goat. There could be a passionate affair from this past springtime that gets more serious; leading to a summer of intimate evolution. Your Saturn ruler is moving slowly through the part of the zodiac that rules other people in your life, so you will have no trouble attracting the person with whom you wish to explore. This is one summer for love.

That serious partnership could be making this a summer in which to lose yourself. You are on the rise and the love of the right person is the balloon that lifts you higher. The season is especially exciting during late August, as Venus, the planet of love, enters the partnership section of your horoscope. Get ready to act on impulse as love guides your late-summer intuition on a deep, unconscious level. Falling in love was never so easy.

You could be looking at a passionate summer spent trying to make up for the mistakes of the spring. Your obsession with reliving a wrecked affair will get in the way of new people who want to get to know you. In the spring Mercury was retrograde in your sign. This summer it is retrograde in your zodiac area of romance. Focus on the future; especially that late-July sighting of what could be definite soulmate material.
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