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Autumn Romance

Look at the leaves changing color. It is autumn, and as things cool down, very little heats up in the days between summer and he Holidays. This is a time of year to assess where you are, prior to setting out on a new phase of activity. The zodiac assists the natural rhythm of fall this year. Mars, planet of action, is moving retrograde in Taurus, the zodiac sign of absolutes. This means that you have a perfect opportunity to change the way you are involved in romance this fall. Check your sign to see what is waiting when you turn over a new leaf. Results are likely to arrive just in time for the Holidays...

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Your go-getter attitude and high energy both conspire to keep romance at bay as you are so busy that you don't really take the time to choose the best partner. This fall sees you thinking about a partner with whom you share many values. Expect a long-term relationship to appear when you move a partner's values to the top of your compatibility list.

Your energetic daily ritual is busier than ever this fall, although you may at times feel like your wheels are spinning in motion. When it comes to love, a caring partner already accepts you for who you are it might be time to look your best for yourself. Consult your cosmetologist on a makeover you may want to start living up to your own high standards.

Unresolved issues are begging to be finished this fall. Zodiac energy favors a clean slate for the Twin, so you might consider starting your housecleaning early there is going to be a lot of heavy relationship lifting ahead. A partnership that is not working out should be set aside, as a pause in interpersonal interaction will make you much more attractive to a natural soulmate waiting in the wings.

There is a chance for you to climb out of your shell this autumn and get noticed. Perhaps a Halloween party will allow a possible soulmate to notice the real you underneath that costume. While you might prefer one-on-one encounters, large groups of people will be the likely location of encountering an inspirational and romantic person in October and November.

This fall there is a chance to make up lost ground in a relationship. Did you say the wrong thing at the end of summer? Are you reconsidering a stubborn demand? What seemed like a permanent impasse only a short time ago could suddenly open. As the outdoor temperature cools, just saying that you are sorry and want to start again might heat things up in a hurry.

If you actually get out into the world this autumn, potential partners that view you as an exotic beauty will approach you. Be careful of getting involved too deep with someone who is attracted to you solely for superficial appearances and characteristics. But that shouldn't preclude you from going on a guided exploration of your inner beast.
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Your steady relationship is not in need of any great changes this fall, but your ability to contribute financially to the partnership might be undergoing a transition. A new source of income could mean more fun and recreation for the two of you, or perhaps it is time to talk about moving in together, marriage, or purchasing a home. Finances will help your love life this fall like little else ever could.

Partnership issues are front and center this fall, perhaps to the detriment of a quality love experience. This is one autumn that must be spent disentangling yourself from any relationship that is not headed toward commitment. Turn over that new leaf by demanding your partner be held to a higher standard of accountability and embrace a foundation of long-term growth.

This fall will challenge you to abandon your happy-go-lucky ways and structure your pursuit of relationship bliss. It may be time to make a list of what you want from someone and what you are willing to give. Ask friends for objective opinions about what you can hope for in the pool of available partners. Set aside your optimism for a little objectivity. It is a get-real autumn.

An intense romance may be brewing with a forbidden lover that you would ordinarily avoid. This autumn will tempt you with an opposite that attracts like the strongest magnet on earth. You may give in to temptation for a month or two, but try to keep your regular life as normal as possible. This passion boiling during the long nights and shortened days of autumn is not intended by the universe to last deep into the New Year.

You might have the most dramatic response to an autumn romance. You might take the opportunity to relocate in order to meet a passion partner's desires. If you have never lived too far from home, consider that romance is taking you on a bigger life adventure. Plan to make it as much about you and your goals as it is a solidifying of a budding relationship.

Look for this autumn to bring you closer to your family and friends, as well as the partners they have in mind for you. Any casual meeting up might be, in reality, a blind date in the making. If you are lonely and looking, though, this will come as a great blessing and you can even encourage people you know to assist your soulmate search.
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