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Spring Brings Answers
Explore new spiritual avenues.

Psychics use ancient techniques or modern spiritual practices to channel, intuit or internally see or hear advice or information for you. This Spring, we invite you to explore different types of readings, to gain fresh understandings and awareness.

Soulmate and Twin Flame Readings. Have you found sweet love, true lust or the Love of Your Life? A soulmate reading can tell you exactly where your sweetie fits into the big picture. Soulmates share an intense energy connection, and you can have several soulmates in the course of your life that are lovers or spouses. However, soulmates can also be siblings, parents or friends, because being a soulmate is simply about two souls meeting in a beneficial connection. A Twin Flame is a soulmate who is indeed the Love of Your Life, The One - your perfect match. If you aren't in a Twin Flame relationship yet, a spiritual advisor can help you to prepare for one or let you know when one is coming.

Past life readings. Do you have a relationship that you want to understand more deeply? A past life reading may provide just the right insights. Just like a memory in your current life can affect your actions toward someone, a past life occurrence - conscious or not - can also drive your behavior. You may also be drawn to a certain person or type of relationship to satisfy a need or desire that comes from a past life. A past life advisor can give you a clear understanding of what happened in your past lives, as well as advise on how to work with energy from the past in your present life. This type of advisor may also know why you are on the planet this lifetime, based on what occurred in your previous lives.

Angel readings. Angel readings can provide wisdom and guidance from the angels that surround you. Advisors who specialize in angelic contacts can get answers and counsel from angels who are here to help you with specific situations or with your life overall. Some advisors get information by establishing communication between their angels and yours or by direct contact with your angels, while others may channel an angel that speaks through them for the good of all people. Angel readings are wonderful for healing matters of the heart and making peace with extreme circumstances. Special angel readings can also be done with spiritual or religions entities.

Tarot, astrology and numerology readings. Some spiritual practitioners use a combination of tarot, astrology and numerology, but there are also benefits of getting each type of reading individually. Tarot readers provide detailed answers about your circumstances by using a special deck of cards with great spiritual symbolism. Astrologers provide insights based on the karmic blueprint of your birth chart. This can include an in-depth understanding of your personality and life cycles, as well as predictions about the timing of events. Extensive details about specific relationships are available through an astrological chart comparison. Numerology readers provide wisdom on life cycles and for decision-making using the energies of the numbers in your birth date, the letters of your name or even your street address.

Psychic support. Many people in the Keen community have experienced tremendous benefits from having regular "psychic support" in their lives. They've improved their relationships, taken the next step in their career, and gotten a deeper appreciation for their spiritual place in the world. Typically, having psychic support means having a regular flow of positive, guiding energy in you life - someone who provides continuous guidance, love and insight. It's like having a best friend who's always on your side - but can also see way down the road and assure you keep taking the right steps to get where you want to be.

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