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Here's just one of the articles in the 2005 Psychic Journal. Become a new customer today and the 100+ page journal is FREE.

With all the new beginnings of winter and the New Year, it's a perfect time to create a sacred space for spiritually recharging to manifest your dreams.

What exactly is sacred space? A sacred space is a place dedicated to keeping your spiritual energy flowing and to maintaining your spiritual connection with life. Spiritual connection brings us peace, comfort, insights, and a feeling of unity with all living things. Sacred space is commonly created in our homes, religious sanctuaries, or in nature. What distinguishes a sacred space is your intention in creating and using it. The most important thing about a sacred space is that you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed there. You can use a sacred space for meditation and praying, getting readings and healings, or writing in your psychic journal. It's your space to breathe (inhale....exhale) and just let go!

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Establishing your sacred space. There is no "right way" to set up a sacred space, except what feels right to you - and feels wonderfully comfortable! You may want to furnish your sacred space with big, cozy pillows for meditation, afghans to cuddle up in on chilly winter nights, and aromatherapy candles that welcome a peaceful mood. You may also think about bringing in things that remind you of how loved and connected to the universe you are - special photos, shells or feathers from walks in nature, or pictures or statuettes that represent your devotion to religious or spiritual figures.

Cleansing your sacred space. The first step in setting up a sacred space is doing a spiritual cleansing of the area. The idea here is to clear the space of stagnant, old or unwanted energy - with the intention of inviting new energy that will make your space a sanctuary of spiritual comfort. One way to quickly clean the energy of the space is to burn a sage smudge stick. You can also cleanse the space by doing a meditation or listening to spiritual music, and then cleaning and de-cluttering the space, while voicing and releasing any negativity that arises.

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Blessing your space. Once your space is cleansed, you should bless its presence. A simple way to do this is by walking the space's parameters and saying a prayer of protection and intentions for the space. If a song comes to mind, you may want to sing and dance in the space. You may also want to spend time in your space visualizing what you want its presence to help bring into your life.

Placing objects in the space. The final step in creating your sacred space is bringing in meaningful objects to fill it with your energy. Your presence to your feelings and intuitions while you do this is as important as the objects themselves. Remember to include things that are literally of comfort - such as plush pillows, mellow lighting and peace-inducing scents. Also bring objects or photos that symbolize what you've treasured in your past and what you visualize for your future. These should all be things that hold spiritual meaning for you. With each item you bring into the space, take a moment to make sure it feels just right being there, as well as to find just the right place for it in the greater balance of things.

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