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Be a femme fatale

Janice watched her friend Diana do it time and time again. Diana would effortlessly work a man into a state of deranged lust, then just sit back and watch the guy wither. But Diana wasn't any better-looking than Janice! So why was she so good at turning on her "inner femme fatale?" Janice finally asked. The answer, Diana told her, lay in the stars.

Every woman, Diana explained, has a sexual power point in her astrological birth chart -- specifically, Pluto, the planet whose location determines how you can use your feminine powers to:

  • Control and manipulate men
  • Make them love and desire you
  • Get rid of them when they get too annoying.

Pluto was the mythological ruler of the underworld. His domination of all things dark and deadly was surpassed only by his raging lust. The planet Pluto lives so far out on the solar system's outer rim that what its current location produces last a long time. So ladies, if you want to lay down the femme fatale law, get Pluto working in your favor.

The secret to harnessing Pluto's sexy power is knowing where that subversive little planet resides in your birth chart:

  • If you were born between 1937 & 1957, your Pluto is in Leo.
  • If you were born between 1957 & 1972, your Pluto is in Virgo.
  • If you were born between 1972 and 1983, Pluto is in Libra.
  • If you were born on one of the cusp years, you may find Pluto energy shares the characteristics of two signs.

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Pluto in Leo: Be an Unapproachable Goddess
If Pluto is in Leo in your birth chart, your inner femme fatale turns men into jelly by reminding them of just how high the pedestal you rest on is above them. You'll ensnare the men in your life by treating them like your private audience. In other words, they can look, but they'd better not touch!

The longing that Pluto in Leo creates in men is similar to that of an art collector who covets a beautiful painting that isn't available for sale. Day and night, the man in your life will recall the sight of you -- and the more of a prima donna you act like, the more he'll beg to be invited to leave the audience and join you onstage! And the more he begs, the more your inner femme fatale must order him to remain quietly in his seat.

And he will. The mix of Pluto's underworld power and the roar of Leo's passionate Lion equals a goddess archetype of sexual power and predicts treatment befitting a queen. Demand loyalty as the only option from your man and you'll get it. But beware: ask for anything politely, or give in once in a while, and the illusion will be broken and your man will have on to the next queen.

Pluto in Virgo: Do Research and Play the Field
Diana was born in 1970, with Pluto in Virgo. She knows that planning and plotting are the best ways to control the men in her life. The combined study of astrology and psychology in order to analyze male personalities is of great interest to women with Pluto in Virgo, who teach themselves to play detective about their man behind his back, and use the information they discover to maximize their control over him.

Danger: Pluto in Virgo is a very physical placement, which leaves you running the risk of too easily giving in to a man physically and losing your control over a relationship as you fall hopelessly in love. Your secret for avoiding this pitfall? Keep a relationship on the side to ensure that you never succumbs to the power of one man. Monogamy is nice when there's a ring involved, but until their man absolutely begs for commitment, women with Pluto in Virgo know that dispersing their affections is their best strategy for keeping control.

Diana knows that a girl with Pluto in Virgo has to live a little -- and that means making sure the men in her life never forget who's boss. She'll certainly find a soulmate one day -- but in meantime she pays close attention to the details of everyone she dates, on her way to finding her true hunk.

Pluto in Libra: Pretend to Be a Nice Girl
Janice was born in 1974, when Pluto was in Libra, so she'd better not try to follow in Diana's footsteps. For Janice, getting in touch with her inner femme fatale means focusing on social relationships instead of a series of sexual conquests. Any intimate encounter that takes place with Pluto in Libra can send a woman drifting into love's uncharted waters.

Your inner femme fatale won't let you risk that -- and why bother, when men melt when you simply choose to befriend them? Of course they long for you, but turning on the ice queen and explaining your need to be friends first is what will give you the upper hand. Put simply, you're in absolute control until that first kiss. Sadly, the weakness of Pluto in Libra is that once you consummate a relationship, your ability to walk all over your man will quickly diminish. That's why it's crucial for you to stretch out a long friendship first.

You might also want to let him know he's not the only horse in the race. If your man knows you have other men in your life, his drive to win you over will play right into Pluto's presence in friendly Libra. He'll get so used to submitting to your wishes that once you establish yourself as the central facet in his life, the spell will be awfully hard to break. The real trick, as always, is getting him there.

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