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Getting him to open up
Has he been brooding lately? A little too silent? Is the spark going, going, gone? Love needs two-way communication in order to stay healthy, but don't fear; astrology can help you learn how to coax your man into opening up, and becoming, once again, the loving, communicative partner you can trust.

Read your man's zodiac sign to understand what he needs from you in order to be ready to tell you how he feels.

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When your Ram shuts down, his quiet state is actually a coping mechanism. An Aries usually responds to deep feelings of vulnerability by running away. You can coax him to open up by actively showing that you're non-judgmental about what he's feeling. Avoid talking about the past at all cost. Discuss the future as a pleasant topic for best results.

If you really want your Bull to open up, you'll have to be willing to weather an outburst or two. Taurus men often find outlets for their inner turmoil in material things, whether that means working on a favorite car or diving into the art of home-based beer brewing; one of your priorities should be not taking your man away from his hobbies. The best time to talk to him is after he's had a nice day puttering out in the driveway or down in the basement.

When your Gemini man is brooding, he can be colder than the North Pole. The problem is how sudden this winter chill can be. By the time you realize your guy has shut down his responses, it may have been going on for a lot longer than you'd realized. Talking about the past, then, becomes difficult, so engage your man in discussions of an optimistic future to break the impasse.

The Crab needs space and tends to retreats into his shell after real or imagined slights. The best way to cope with this is to focus on your own goals for a day or two and then remind your man of your availability to help on those "special projects" of his. After some time alone, Cancer men are always ready to work together and emerge from their shell for the woman they love.

When the Lion stops roaring, the silence can be deafening. Your Leo man may brood and seem distant, but your role in his drama isn't supposed to change. If you behave according to the script of your relationship, he'll snap out of the funk and readjust to everyday life. Do not create or heighten any Leo-related conflicts by allowing melancholy to become melodrama.

If your Virgo mate won't open up, it's likely that his inner self-critical dialogue is beating him down. Your love and affection need to be made apparent, but don't fall into the role of caretaker, either, as your Virgo's analytical mind will decode your behavior as subservient. Stand proud to be his partner and be the light that shines in on him.

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When your Libra man begins to shut himself off, the partnership needs immediate attention. A direct discussion must be arranged, perhaps even with a therapist present. While asking him to discuss your relationship, be as clinical as possible and remember that the less you reveal about how his words make you feel, the more honest he'll be. The key is to make him put his cards on the table first; if a Libra thinks he knows what you want to hear, he'll just give it to you. Don't make things that easy for him!

For your Scorpio to open up at all is a big deal, but as intimacy becomes the norm, so will the habit of shedding of his skin. So when your Scorpio man clams up and seems aloof, having been so close in conversation in the past can make those silences all the more painful. To open him up will take a quiet determination on your part to politely be yourself and avoid showing off. He'll open up to you -- but only in his own time.

Your fickle Sagittarius man will brood and close himself off when things seem to be too conventional and stale. Get him to open up by getting a new haircut and playfully implying that you're his "new woman." Once the air of seriousness and normalcy has been stirred up a little, your Sagittarius man will once more be a happy and communicative mate.

When your Capricorn man isn't responding to normal conversation, it's because something in his life isn't living up to the standards he has set for himself. The Goat opens up when his status is self-evident. If the current measure of his worth by society's standard is in flux, he'll shut down. Getting him to discuss past glories is a first step toward reassuring him that he measures up and can therefore open up.

Your Aquarian man will shut down if he feels stifled or confined in a situation that may not have anything to do with you at all. Divert his attention from whatever is bothering him by taking him out for a wild night on the town, dinner, dancing, clubs or casinos. Your Aquarian needs to have a sustained stimulating experience to recharge his batteries and feel that expressing unpopular opinions won't affect his popularity with you.

Your Pisces man finds it difficult to open up, aside from his own chosen means of artistic expression or organized belief systems. When you notice him veering even further from discussing his feelings or embracing his passions, it's time for you to organize a get-together of his friends or family in order to stimulate his Piscean sense of self. Quiet rivers may run deep, but get your Pisces socializing before your fish and his feelings swim out to a bottomless ocean.

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