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Too much love?
Yes, it is possible to get too much of a good thing. Sure, everyone wants to be showered with attention by their lover but too much attention can be overwhelming.

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If the person you're involved with takes up too much of your time and space, you may start to resent them. If you are being crowded out of any individual moments, it is time to draw boundaries and question your own role in the smothering process.
Is your relationship driving you crazy?
When you're in a loving relationship, it's tempting to try and ignore irritating things about your partner. Like when he stops over without calling or when she assumes that you're always available to spend time with her. But eventually these seemingly inconsequential annoyances could cause you resentment.

Have you lost your individual identity?
The loss of your sense of individuality could be behind any aggravation with your lover. Here are four ways to know that you're struggling with this issue:

  • You rarely see your friends and when you do, you're with your significant other.

  • You've lost focus on any personal dreams or career goals you had before the relationship.

  • Any hobbies, personal time or vacations are scheduled around your relationship.

  • You plan your life around when your significant other is free.

    There's only one way to make yourself feel whole again, and that's to give your partner a clear idea of what your limits are.

    Setting boundaries
    Setting healthy boundaries early on is the best way to protect your personal space. While most couples discuss big topics like marriage, sex and birth control, many fail to discuss little things like how much time to spend together.

    When it gets to the point that you're angry with your partner just for being in the same room as you, it may be too late to salvage the relationship. So it's important to communicate up-front what your needs are and what you consider an appropriate amount of time to spend together.

    Transform your love
    Work with your partner to make your painful relationship loving again. Design a plan that allows you both to grow as individuals and a couple.

  • Ask yourself what parts of your life you need your partner to respect and then let him know. If five messages a day on your answering machine makes you feel smothered, speak up.

  • Ask your partner what she needs from the relationship. If your presence at Sunday dinner with the family is something that is important to your significant other, try to respect her wishes and discuss working personal time into the schedule.

  • Discuss both of your visions of the relationship. It's important to check in with your partner to make sure that you see the relationship headed in the same direction.

    Establishing boundaries can be a lot of work. Talking to a Psychic could help you determine if it's worth it.

    Your role in codependency
    Does your smothering lover interfere with your plans for success? Do you feel like your mate's problems take up a large portion of your time and energy? It is time to confront the person responsible for this - you. Encroachment on your personal space can only occur when you let it.

    Many people use their relationship as an excuse for not making their mark in the world. The needs of others can provide the perfect shield from the problems we face everyday, but they can just as easily be a self-imposed barrier.

    Afraid to fail, a needy mate is a convenient excuse for not trying at all. Your time and space are yours to share with whomever you want for however long you want. Your dreams should never be deferred by choosing a needy lover because of your fear of success.

    If you feel your relationship is unchangeable, ask yourself why you're in it. Perhaps, you'll find that you are the one who is afraid to change.

    Is your Soulmate waiting in the wings?
    Get your FREE Love Psychic Reading today!

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