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From friends to lovers
Ever wonder if your best buddy could be the man of your dreams? Find out if he is interested and learn the pros and cons of going from friends to lovers.

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True love based on friendship
Ask the happiest couples you know about how they started dating, and you may discover that many were friends first. One secret of true love is that soulmates often start as friends. 'Getting along' beats 'getting it on' over the long haul.

Friends plus
Emotional intimacy is the basis of both strong friendships and happy relationships. It's easy to understand how becoming romantically involved with a male friend is tempting:
  • You've already seen each other at your worst and have learned to accept each other's flaws.

  • There are no surprises. You already know each other's friends, family and dating history.

  • It's easy to communicate with one another. After all, you've had practice sharing your thoughts and feelings with one another in a risk-free relationship.
Is he interested too?
How do you know if a good friend is interested in becoming your lover? There are certain behavioral clues you can watch for:
  • He notices little things about you like a new haircut or the last time you wore a particular outfit. When a guy pays attention to your appearance even more than you do, thoughts beyond friendship may be on his mind.

  • He's unattached, or puts your friendship as a higher priority than the relationship he is supposedly in. If your guy friend switches the topic of conversation from what his girlfriend is doing to how much fun he has with you, then yes, he's hinting.

  • He spends a lot of time on his appearance before hanging out with you. If your guy transforms from a white-socked nerd to a casual hipster when the two of you get together, fashion is not the main inspiration. Men dress fashionably when they aim to seduce.

  • You spend time together during the weekend. Anybody with a fulltime job knows that Saturday and Sunday are sacred. Weekend hours are devoted to only the most special people. Three consecutive Saturdays with you are a big clue.
The risks
Many never cross the line of platonic friendship out of fear that the change will be for the worse. And there's no doubt that it's difficult for friends who become lovers to go back to being just friends.

While it is difficult to determine when the transformation from friends to lovers will be a bust, look for these clues:
  • Alcohol precedes any romantic overtures. Sure, a few drinks might help you both 'work up the nerve,' but more than likely a few drinks will lead to a one night stand and an embarrassing morning after.

  • He's a known player. While you might hope that your friendship with him would make this relationship different from his others, don't get your hopes up. It is unlikely that you will change him and your friendship will probably be permanently damaged.

  • One of you has just ended or is still in a relationship. It is natural to turn to someone you are close to for support when a relationship ends or is not working out. But rebound romances are unlikely to last very long. It takes time to heal the wounds of a lost romance before a successful new relationship can begin.
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Find out if taking your friendship to the next level is the best move you could ever make or whether it could be a big mistake.

Is your Soulmate waiting in the wings?
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