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passion papers
Feng Shui for passion
Are you dating duds? Has your relationship gone from steamy to stale? Whether you're single, living together or married, Feng Shui can make the difference between pillows that fizzle and sheets that sizzle.

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How it works
The Chinese art of Feng Shui is based on the theory that all things are made up of energy. When energy flows smoothly, so do your life and relationships. But when good energy is blocked, life can grow stagnant and passion can be sucked dry.

Using a personalized combination of light, color, sounds, smell, textures and furniture arrangement can help you achieve harmony by balancing the energy in your environment.

Corners count
In Feng Shui, rooms are divided into nine sections. Depending on how energy flows to each section, you can experience either positive or negative effects.

For example, too much energy flowing to the northern corner of your bedroom can cause restless nights filled with dreams of work. At the office, energy in this corner would be positive and help you maximize your productivity.

For thousands of years, Feng Shui has helped bring lovers together. Try it and watch your luck in love grow.

Feng Shui & your bedroom
Your bedroom influences your love life more than any other room. It's time to stop dreaming about romance and take action. Grab a compass and let's get started!
  • Grab a compass
    The southwest corner of a room rules love and relationships. Move your bed there and someone will soon join you in it! If you can't move your bed, place a romantic object, such as flowers, candles or a photo of someone you care about in that corner.

  • Couple up
    Sweep loneliness out of your life by decorating in pairs. Two lava lamps next to each other give your room a hip retro vibe and bring partnership energy. Whatever you pair up, make sure the objects are close to each other, resulting in strong soul mate energy.

  • Move your bed
    Always place your bed against a wall, not in the middle of a room or against a window. Walls represent support, and a gap between your bed and the wall will make you feel lonely. Pushing twin beds together is another no-no as it will bring arguments to any relationship.

  • Color me sexy
    If your bedroom is painted yellow, blue or off-white, then your walls are to blame for any lack of loving. Paint the room peach or pink for romance. Maroon walls will keep your lover from straying. When it is time to move on, try shocking blue with gold or copper accents and your lover will get the hint.

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    Is your Soulmate waiting in the wings?
    Get your FREE Love Psychic Reading today!

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