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Voodoo Love Spells
Want to make sure that your lover stays true? Hoping that an aloof acquaintance will fall head over heels for you? Take control of your love life with a few ancient Voodoo Love Spells.

What's he thinking - and how can you change it?
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Voodoo has its origins in the traditions of ancient African Animists, who believed in the magic of combining human ritual with animal-like intensity. Voodoo derives its mystical power by combining the human ability to focus on a goal with the ferocious passion of animals on the prowl. When the slave trade brought Animists to the New World, the Island of Haiti became the center of Voodoo culture. And the secret rituals of a few ancient Animist Priestesses (Voodoo is always more powerful in the hands of a woman) slowly leaked into the New World.

Casting a Voodoo spell is easy; natural tools and materials are all that is needed. Centuries have passed since the first Voodoo priestess sewed up a lock of her man's hair into the part of her shirt closest to her stomach, but he will adore her for all eternity. Get a lock of your man's hair by telling him that a friend wants her stylist to match the color. Appealing to your future conquest's vanity is the first way to gain power over him. The ancient Voodoo Priestess will smile down on you from the heavens as you slyly replay her centuries-old ritual of secretive, passionate dominance.

Lipstick originated in the Voodoo ritual of a woman rubbing magic oil on her lips before kissing the man she wanted. Want to turn your lipstick into irresistible magic oil? Simple! Sleep with an unlit candle under your pillow during a full moon. Then, heat your lipstick with that candle until it is just about to melt. Any lipstick will work, but glossier lipsticks convert the magnetism of the candle's flame into the oil of passion better. The first man you kiss on the lips that day will begin to obsess over you. However, Love Spells are extremely powerful, so be sure to consult with your Psychic before trying one out. A Psychic Reading will help you determine the best type of spells for your man and most opportune moments to use them!

What's he thinking - and how can you change it?
Make a FREE Psychic call to devise your romance plan!

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