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Horse You:
Rat Your partner:
All Chinese astrologers agree to consider this love partnership the worst of all as they do not see any positive element in it. Both parties cannot but be for each other a source of disappointment and suffering. The Horse woman's personality is too strong for the Rat man to bear. And if she is a Fire Horse, it is generally believed he will not live out his full span of life - unless, of course, he succeeds in time in getting out of his involvement with her! The basic antagonism between a Rat man and a Horse woman is something almost irremediable and should be fully acknowledged as such from the start by the parties concerned. Their emotional incompatibility is such that tension will be the general rule rather than an exception.

The only way for the partners to mitigate the rigors of their ineluctable drama, it seems, will be to show the utmost good will and tolerance. For instance, the Rat should strive to accept or at least condone the Horse's egocentricity, arrogant pride and quixotic behavior, while she should try to understand his feelings of insecurity and fretful attitude toward the morrow. But however hard they may attempt to achieve harmony - it is doubtful they will do it earnestly - there will always exist a definite limit to their mutual understanding; one should not have any illusion about this.

Their sex life will be a strange mixture of passion and disappointment, furor and grief, bliss and hate. The woman will insist on taking the lead all the time, wishing however to see her relatively weak man assert himself. Conventional in her lovemaking, she will find exasperating his needs for fantasy and romantic frills. And he will not fail to frown upon her as an unfeminine, "phallic" woman. Bitter arguments, if not actual physical quarrels, are bound to occur over their conflicting behaviors in bed.

This relationship brings about much more hardships than joys in any case, and it would be best to avoid it altogether.

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