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Dragon You:
Rabbit Your partner:
The Dragon woman is subject to periodic cycles of elation and heavyheartedness. And while going through one of these depressive phases she could be attracted to a Rabbit man, who seems to her a haven of stability, coziness and understanding. But it will not take her long to realize their differences, and their happiness would be impossible unless they do their best to achieve tolerance and mutual adjustment.

The Rabbit is an incurable introvert while the Dragon is an inveterate extrovert. This alone can make for much reciprocal irritation and is likely to infest their relationship relentlessly. Their outlooks on life differ too much to facilitate sharing and dialogue. However, their chances of success would be greatly enhanced if the Dragon woman stayed away from the limelight, letting the Rabbit take the lead in everything; but generally she would rather die than keep herself in the background or play second fiddle to any man, including the man of her life.

The highly perfectionist and maniacal Rabbit man can hardly sympathize with the Dragon woman's notorious flaws. He will find it impossible to tolerate her freewheeling comportment, her arrogant pride and her prodigality. On the other hand, her need for constant admiration and flattery will go unheeded due to his natural reservedness, and this will have a disastrous effect on the Dragon woman's morale.

Sex can do little to improve the situation. The fiery Dragon will find it difficult to drag the Rabbit into bed. And as he cannot bear the thought of total self-surrender, he will most probably make ashes of her flaming sexual urge.

A most ill-advised union.

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